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This graph shows the time it takes to collect data from each hosts that munin collects data on. Munin-master is run from cron every 5 minutes and we want each of the munin-update runs to complete before the next one starts. If munin-update uses too long time to run on one host run it with --debug to determine which plugin(s) are slow and solve the problem with them if possible.

Field Internal name Type Warning Critical Info
im.koderoot.net im_koderoot_net gauge 240 285
io.koderoot.net io_koderoot_net gauge 240 285
kode.im kode_im gauge 240 285
orbitron.koderoot.net orbitron_koderoot_net gauge 240 285
venus.koderoot.net venus_koderoot_net gauge 240 285
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