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These are graphs of the states of this system's NTP peers. The states translate as follows: 0=reject, 1=falsetick, 2=excess, 3=backup, 4=outlyer, 5=candidate, 6=system peer, 7=PPS peer. See http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/html/decode.html for more information on the meaning of these conditions. If show_syspeer_stratum is specified, the sys.peer stratum is also graphed.

Field Internal name Type Warning Critical Info peer_127_127_1_1 gauge
bras-base-toroon2638w-grc-47-142-114-184-198.dsl.bell.ca peer_bras_base_toroon2638w_grc_47_142_114_184_198_dsl_bell_ca gauge
jell.yfish.us.logiplex.net peer_jell_yfish_us_logiplex_net gauge
backoffice-1.incentre.net peer_backoffice_1_incentre_net gauge
tara.castrovalva.org peer_tara_castrovalva_org gauge
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